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About the site   About me
I know few people who managed to make the same efforts in order to gather such a huge amount of detailed and difficult information on a single topic.

In April 2003 I made the decision to spend hundreds and hundreds of hours layouting & designing, always improving the website, adding new features, gathering and compressing all valuable information I found in forums and technical websites from around the world into this one single domain. This is my contribution to the Mazda community and the last, but best Mazda Familia model.

If you like the result, it was worth it.
Maintenance and website traffic are never cheap: Value my endless hours of work, send your spare change it to me (at least 1,50$ or Paypal eats me up). Thank you.
  TStar Tailland
John G.
Montreal, Canada
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Credits & Thank yous

to companies
Company ATH, Germany   for accreditation to use their prints
Company MS-Design, Germany   for accreditation to use their prints
Company Pakfeifer, Austria   for accreditation to use their prints
Company Postert, Germany   for accreditation to use their prints
Company Mazda South,USA   to Richard for providing OEM Part Numbers
Company Mazda Prange, Germany   for excellent mechanical work & part support
Company NSN Motorsports, USA
  to Steven Nackers (aka Turfburn) for technical information.
Compans Mental Addiction Motorsports, USA   to Jonathan Allain (aka Glyph) for a nice HowTo/DIY

to private people
For supplying their knowledge -> You will live forever <- ;-)
Edwin Man (aka TheMan)   for a lunatic devotion to Mazda model history and a lot of valuable information. ^^
Christopher Alaya (aka Crock)   for a cool DIY/How-To
Michael Law (aka ChopstickHero)   for a cool DIY/How-To
Garret Setzer (aka Garrett77)   for a cool DIY/How-To
GotZoom?   for a cool DIY/How-To
Jason Pi (aka KidKorrupt)   for a cool DIY/How-To
Dwight Evitt (aka N2OInferno)   for a cool DIY/How-To
Nate Penniman (aka Natey)   for a cool DIY/How-To
N][V   for a cool DIY/How-To
Paul Yamakawa (aka Poseur)   for a cool DIY/How-To
Tobias Albert   for information on Mazda plugs
Jeff Boyd (aka TXMazdaSpeeder)   for a cool DIY/How-To
Jason Laxamana (aka YP5 Toronto)   for a cool DIY/How-To
Joshua Driggs (aka ZapWizard)   for a cool DIY/How-To
Narek Harutyunyan   for nice fotos of his tuned Ecuadorian 323F
Clint Morrow (aka Negatize)   for SP20 conversion & the brake upgrade
MP3SkaterNC   for the nice collection of forum avatars
Enrico Paepke (aka Hacky)   for the DITD Tach gauge scans
tschanrm & Chuyler1 (Christopher Huyler)   for the cool RCA out DIY

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All information has been gathered and presented with great effort but I'm not responsible for them beeing 100% correct. So please do not complain if some Product / FAQ / Instruction doesn't turn out the way you want it to ...

Since I have no influence on the contents of the websites I linked to on my own site, I explicitely will not take any responsibility for it.

If I put some other ppls' work on my site it happened with their agreement, as far as this was possible for me. If you find some of your work that has not be credited or you don't want it to appear here: just leave me an email and it will be removed immediately (or credited).


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