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Signup as Sponsor
promoting your products

Let me give you a few infos first.

The sponsoring system is simple.

As soon as you submitted the form to the right you will receive an Email with your account number (your future login) and your password.
Open up an account
Your Email
Your desired password
Sponsor's menu
With your account number & password you can login into the sponsor's menu.
sponsormenu Click here to take a look at the sponsor's menu example.

In the sponsor's menu you can edit your complete profile, upload a new advertisement banner, change your banner target URL etc...
As you can see on the top of the menu example, it's completely up to you, if or when you donate for 6/12 months. If you signed up and don't like the idea of donating anymore , then just leave the account untouched, nothing will happen to you or your purse.

As I promised you, the costs for becoming a sponsor are very low.
No matter how you turn it, it's a good opportunity without a risk.
How you advertise
Normally it's a simple banner rotation, on each page of this website a random banner is selected and displayed at the top of the page.
Eventually I will integrate an option with which your company will be featured in the "shopping" area.
If you do have a better idea on how to promote your products on this website, let me know, I'm open for suggestions.